iJobs understands that recruitment can be a headache and how employer feel when they have to spend large sum of their budget to recruit new staff sometimes without success. Many of them have spent big budget for job posting on a number of newspaper, magazine These cost them a fortune, but iJobs has a better solution.

iJobs has a team of recruitment management experts. iJobs experienced team members can help our clients reduce the costs associated with recruitment activities while obtaining qualified candidates for the final recruitment process or job interview.

Our service is FREE-OF-CHARGE until the clients and the candidates sign employment agreement.

Export labour services

iJobs helps overseas client fulfill their labor need by assisting facilitation of labor export. iJobs services the export of no-skill and labor overseas to countries that have signed MOU with Lao Government, especially Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare. Important Lao labor can be very difficult and time consuming for many international clients.

iJobs has a know0how and knowledge on domestic labor market which can help facilitate the official document processes and other legal requirements on Laos side to ease the export of non-skill and / or other categories of manpower.

Import Services / VISA Work Permit

To apply for visa and work permits, for international staff, companies must undergo many complicate processes. iJobs visa and work permit team can help clients to apply for and / or extend expatriate staff members’ visa and work permits conveniently.

iJobs helps process all the required official documents and facilitate entry / exist at several international check points for international visitors and expatriates who work with projects and international companies.

iJobs visa and work permit team ensures that clients staff visa and work permits are obtains on-time with the least time-consuming way possible. Clients are guaranteed for all visa and work permits application services we provide.

Outsource Staffing

ບາງໜ້າວຽກໃນບໍລິສັດກໍ່ເປັນການສ້າງຄວາມຫຍຸ້ງຍາກໃຫ້ກັບນາຍຈ້າງ ແລະ ເຮັດໃຫ້ເສຍເວລາໃນການດຳເນີນກິດຈະກຳອື່ນໆ ເຊິ່ງຈະສົ່ງຜົນສະທ້ອນໄປສູ່ການນຳໃຊ້ຊັບພະຍາກອນບໍ່ເຕັມປະສິດທິພາບ, ໂດຍນາຍຈ້າງສາມາດໃຊ້ບໍລິການກັບບໍລິສັດ ໄອຈ໋ອບ ຈຳກັດຂອງພວກເຮົາໄດ້ ເຊິ່ງຈະະຊ່ວຍທ່ານກະກຽມດ້ານແຮງງານ ແລະ ແກ້ໄຂບັນຫາອື່ນໆແທນທ່ານ.

HR Event Management

iJobs focuses specifically on providing events connect different players in the labour markets. In order to connect job seekers to employers and vice versa, and other players, iJobs has organized the biggest human resource related event in Laos.
The Mega Job fair and other Job Fair which connects Labour-related policy market, employers and Labour together in on place.

Another event that is very valuable to the employment market is HR Networking. iJobs hosts a discussion between business owners, HR managers of different large companies and relates government departments. The participants are share their human resource management experiences and help each other to solve HR related issues.